David Owen - Managing Director and Principal Consultant                        

David is a professional operator with over 40 years’ experience at all levels of railway operations and safety standards, including a number of years as a train driver.  He has worked in a variety of roles including operations, service delivery, project management, planning, performance, timetabling, and training within a number of different rail companies and regions in the UK.  He also has experience of working on overseas rail networks, including providing expert operational witness testimony.

He is a recognised industry expert on Traincrew rostering and resourcing, including workforce planning, establishments and management, and has supported the winning franchise / concession bidders for Arriva Rail North, MTR Crossrail (now MTR Elizabeth Line), Arriva Rail London and First/MTR South Western Railway.

Julia Ball - Company Secretary and Senior Consultant

Julia has worked in the UK Rail Industry for a number of years, including operations, customer service and safety.  Julia now focusses on managing Rail Rostering Solutions in addition to providing client support.


RRS has supported the following UK companies:

ARRIVA UK - Bid team support

Arriva Rail London (ARL) - Mobilisation support, Interim management, Traincrew rosters

First Group - Bid support

Go Op Train - Interim Operations Director

Heathrow Express - Traincrew rosters and Restructuring initiatives

London Overground Rail Operations Limited (LOROL) - Traincrew rosters, Operational improvement plans, Bid team support

MTR Crossrail / MTR Elizabeth Line - Traincrew rosters and training, Interim management, Project management

MTR Europe - Bid team support