Workforce (resource) Planning Strategy and Establishment Setting

At RRS, we believe that our establishment calculator and our workforce planner are the most comprehensive and accurate offered to the UK rail industry. 

As well as our own bespoke and comprehensive calculation system, RRS also use the Common Reconciliation Method© (CRM) for comparing the establishments between different operators. RRS recognises that numerous different methodologies are used that make like for like comparisons problematic. Our CRM gives a clear spare cover ratio result that can then be accurately compared with others.

Elements include:

  • Creation of formal Traincrew establishments and analysis of work and non work activities, including critical checks and KPIs
  • Production of long-term plans
  • Tracking of actual and predicted turnover/attrition
  • Short and long-term training programmes
  • Timetable changes
  • Infrastructure changes and new rolling stock introductions